Best Dog Park in Columbus OH

Best Dog Park in Columbus OH

My dogs LOVE to go to the dog park. Literally, I get home from work and the first thing they do is find my car in the parking lot and sit at the door, waiting to get in. It’s part of our evening ritual, and a healthy thing for them socially and physically.

I started taking my dogs to the park when Lily started showing aggression. I knew she was still young enough where I could have her snap out of it fairly easily. The first time I took her, she growled pretty bad when a female dog got close to her while drinking water. She doesn’t like to share…now, she’s much better. In fact, my dogs drink out of the same bowl simultaneously all the time.

Anyway…this isn’t about my pups; it’s about dog parks in Columbus, OH. I want to talk about one in particular, the one I take my dogs to, my favorite: Godown Dog Park.

This dog park is absolutely wonderful. It’s well taken care of, without excess poop or mud.

It also includes a 4.5-acre, fully fenced, double gated large dog park area, a one-acre small dog area, paved pathways for dogs who are wary of grass like mine. Isn’t that weird, by the way? Sometimes, my big girl will only walk on the pavements.

Speaking of Lily’s water fountain aggression, there’s also water fountains for dogs and people, a rinsing station in case your dog gets mud-happy. And my favorite—you don’t need to bring your own waste bags—they provide them for you.

Godown Dog Park also provides regular events called WOOF events, that include helpful information like dog behavior tips and fundraising for local Columbus animal shelters.

Basically, I can’t say enough good things. My dogs LOVE this park. It’s their favorite thing ever. There’s big trees so you won’t get too hot in the summer either. People are fairly kind and don’t mind talking to you, unlike other parks.

I’ve never had issues with aggressive dogs roaming free here either. If your dog loves to run, this is the place! There’s TONS of space so your dog can explore and stretch their little doggie heart away!

Here’s a few short tips to help you enjoy your experience at Godown Dog Park a little more:

  1. Your dog may not get along with every other dog.
  2. Watch your dog’s body language.
  3. Know the difference between safe play and fighting.
  4. Be willing to leave if your dog is being a bully or being bullied.
  5. Break up packs of dogs. This increases the chance for attacking.
  6. Don’t bring your dog if they haven’t had their shots.
  7. Turn off your phone and focus on your pup. This is their time.
  8. Speak to your dog frequently so they know you’re watching.